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Jacob Atlas, BBA

Welcome to my page, my name is Jacob and I was born in Toronto, Ontario, and grew up in Vienna, Austria, as well as Vancouver, (B.C.).

I grew up surrounded by many different cultures, languages and in different cities. I find peace and beauty in nature which is why I love travelling so much. After completing highschool I decided to study tourism and hospitality management and became an entrepreneur after completing my business degree in 2010. I have founded several successful companies, some of which I have sold.

Since I can remember, I have always loved drawing. When I was little I drew on my fathers back while he was asleep (see picture below). My mother is a big supporter in everything I do.


I believe each Artist has their own style, influenced by the aspects of their surroundings they chose to portray or ignore. I chose to portray my truth on large canvases with heavy utensils and always had an eye for detail.


I am easy going so feel free to contact me, ask me questions, or give me your opinions and feedback. I am grateful for every email that I receive and every life I touch. If you are interested in what is going on in my life, feel free to take a look, on one of my many social media platforms.


I regularly update Instagram with videos of projects I am working on. Feel free to follow me there!

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